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Global Activities

Global Activities

Here you will find a several tables of the Matrix of Global Activities for Green Purchasing, which was developed as a tool to compare and contrast activities of various organisations around the globe.

How to use the Activities Matrix

  1. Due to space limitations, information was included that will assist those wishing to further explore Green Purchasing by providing the user with "search terms", (i.e. keywords and abbreviated explanations), that may be utilized when examining other resources, such as a particular organization's website.
  2. The matrix may also be used for organisations to compare their activities to those of similar organisations to encourage continual improvement, and also give you a sense of where to start looking for advice should you be implementing new activities.
  3. The matrix also acts as an at-a-glance collection of links. Click on the Organization Name of any member on the sample to jump to that organisation's details page on the IGPN website. The details page offers a more thorough overview of that organisation's activities, and useful links that will take you directly to the original webpage of that particular organisation, where information is provided in full.

Contact Us

The Activities Matrix is to be continuously updated and enriched. It is our goal to provide data in a way that is informative. This can only happen with the cooperation and input from each organisation and other interested parties, so your comments, questions and recommendations are wholeheartedly welcome. Please contact the IGPN Secretariat .

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