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Matrix of Global Activities for Green Purchasing
Internatiional Organizations (alphabetical order)

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Organization Information
  ICLEI UNEP World Bank
Corporate Operations
Type of Organization International Organization International Organization International Development Organization
Region All All Headquarters and Global Field Offices Global
Program Name/Main Activity Sustainable Procurement
(Procura+ and BIG-Net)
Production and Consumption Branch
(Sustainable Consumption)
Green procurement & Socially responsible purchasing for organizational purchasers Environmentally and Socially Responsible Procurement (ESRP)
Office where the program is managed
European Secretariat
Freiburg, Germany
Paris, France Washington DC, U.S.A. Washington DC, U.S.A.
Green Purchasing Activities
  ICLEI UNEP World Bank
Corporate Operations
General Guidelines/Principles
(which apply to all areas 'in general')
Procura+ Milestones
& Procura+ Manual
Environmentally & Socially
Responsible Purchasing
Working Group since 01/12
Green procurement policy IBRD and IDA Procurement Guidelines allow for the introduction of environmental aspects into the bidding process for goods and equipment (Procurement Guidelines (red): pg. 31, 2.52)
6 Product Categories are used in an effort to concentrate effective results United Nations Guidelines for Consumer
Protection, expanded in 1999 to include elements on Sustainable Consumption
- Office products - Supplier Diversity program - Energy (green power) - Pest Management - Others In development (e.g environmental technical specs; universal design)
Product List/Database unavailable UNEP/IAPSO Product
Criteria Database
Under consideration under consideration
Suppliers List/Database unavailable A list of UN Suppliers
is Available
Supplier Diversity database (MWDBE) under consideration
Environmental Label (ISO), Other (EnergyStar) Does not Conduct Label Operations Does not Conduct Label Operations - Office products (e.g. recycled content, energy star) - Buildings Energy Star certified Discussion papers (ecolabels; green procurement, accessibility); others under consideration
Training Course/Tools (market related) Training on what is sustainable procurement and how to implement sustainable procurement. Training on request. Campaign manual,
Buy-it-green Network, etc.
For Government Officials/
Agency Officers
periodic BBLs, seminars and/or workshops periodic BBLs, seminars and/or workshops
Education Materials/Tools (non-professional) The Program Targets
local governments and
the public sector
Youth Guide
(in collaboration with
Consumers International)
Website and help desk Website content and help desk in development
Events ICLEI Staff Provide Advice and
Support to Participants Yearly BIG-Net International Seminar. Triannual Ecoprocura conference
Frequent Events,
information available
periodic BBLs, seminars and/or workshops periodic BBLs, seminars and/or workshops
Research (market)/Surveys (awareness) RELIEF Project '01-'03. European survey on sustainable public procurement 2003 Sustainable Consumption
Survey '01
Sustainable Consumption
Survey '01
In development (portfolio analysis)
Good Practices/Case Studies for purchasing Local Governments unavailable unavailable In development (accessibility)
Newsletter ICLEI in Europe newsletter
"European Circular". Bi-monthly Sustainable Procurement update
Sustainable Consumption Network (SC-net) online Corporate (monthly) Procurement Operations (quarterly)
Related Laws/Regulations
(i.e. "Green Purchasing Law")
not applicable See "UN Guidelines for
Consumer Protection"
not applicable not applicable
  ICLEI UNEP World Bank
Corporate Operations
Measurement/Evaluation Method Measures CO2 Relief Potential,
Presented in the RELIEF Project using a "Person Equivilent (PE)" Measurement. 5 Milestone framework
See "Sustainable Consumption
Indicators" publication (2002)
GPP [supplier tracking (office supplies; travel)] In development
Activities Key projects - DEEP: energy efficiency in
public building; LEAP: joint procurement; GreenMed:
promoting the environmentally friendly purchasing of products and services.
・Co-operation with ICLEI on the Procure+ Sutainable procurement in local authorities          ・Participation in Interagency Group on Environmentally and Socially Responsible Procurement Green Procurement Program; Supplier Diversity Program - discussion papers - guidance notes - procurement instruments - portfolio analysis
Publications "The World Buys Green"
"The Procura+ Manual"
"Buy Efficient - Public Procurement and Energy Efficiency"
"Green Purchasing Good Practice Guide"
"Green Purchasing Criteria"
"The World Buys Green"
"Buying Into the
Environment" (Greenleaf Publication)"
"Tracking Progress" Report 2004
Also See Webpage
SC Library"
-Report: Focus on Sutainability 2004 - Environmentally Responsible Procurement Guide
- Report: Focus on Sutainability 2004 - Discussion papers/Guidance notes on a variety of environmental topics, labor standards, and Universal Design

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