The 2nd International Green Purchasing Conference in Barcelona
20-22 September 2006

Following the hugely successful1st conference in Sendai, Japan in 2004, IGPN held the 2nd International Green Purchasing Conference between the 20th and 22nd September in Barcelona, Spain.  During the conference, which was attended by 360 delegates from 53 countries, leading cases on green purchasing/procurement were presented and discussions to actively disseminate green purchasing were held.

The 2nd International Green Purchasing Conference was held as part of EcoProcura 2006, organised by ICLEI Europe and hosted by the City of Barcelona , Diputació of Barcelona, Generalitat de Catalunya and Spanish Ministry for the Environment.  The partners of EcoProcura 2006 were ICLEI - Local Government for Sustainability, Leap Project Consortium, European Commission - DG Environment and International Green Purchasing Network.  The endorsers were the United Nations Environment Programme, Metropolis, MedCities and Agende 21 Locale.
Plenaries Presentations
The Power of Procurement
Strategies and Tools for Taking Action
Moving the Market
Spreading the Movement
Success Stories
City of Göteborg, Sweden
City of Sendai, Japan and the GPN
State of Vorarlberg, Austria
City of Santa Monica, USA
Municipality of Amaroussion, Greece & the Eastern Shires Purchasing Organisation, UK
Training “Opportunities for sustainable procurement within the EU legal framework”
Parallel Sessions Presentations
ICT Products
Green Electricity
Climate protection
Sustainable timber
Local issues
National policies
Env. Managment Systems
‘Clean’ clothes
Local policies
Regional cooperation
Sustainable joint procurement
Developing and less developed countries
Mainstreaming sustainable procurement
Case study on Life Cycle Costing (LCC)
Fair trade training
Working in partnership with ICT product suppliers
Japanese business service industries
Greening Events
Mainstreaming sustainable procurement in Europe
Japanese and Korean business manufacturing industries
Call for Action (PDF Download)
On the last day unanimously adopted was the Call for Action ‘Moving the Market’, which stated national governments, local governments, international organisations and the industry to cooperate in order to disseminate the practices of green purchasing/sustainable procurement.
IGPN Council Advisory Board Meeting
The IGPN Council /Advisory Board meeting was also held during the conference.  The meeting was attended by the members of the IGPN Council and Advisory Board from UNEP, US-EPA, New Zealand’s Ministry of the Environment, the Environment Agency of England and Wales, The Swedish Environmental Management Council (SEMCO) ICLEI Europe as well as green purchasing/procurement promoting organisations from Korea, China, Malaysia, India and Japan, and IGPN’s future activities and plans were discussed.

The following resolution and directions were agreed at the meeting and the result was presented at the closing session on the last day of the 2nd International Green Purchasing Conference/EcoProcura 2006.
Summary of the meeting and the resolution
The main goals for the activities of the next 5 years:
  ( To support the establishment of Green Purchasing Networks in the Asia-Pacific region and all over the world )
  ( To develop green purchasing database on the global scale )
Japan is to host the IGPN Secretariat for the next 5 years.
Japan’s plan to build a global scale green purchasing database and a supporting project, currently considered by the Ministry of the Environment Japan, were explained.
IGPN and ICLEI are to exchange information and cooperate closely with each other.
The proposed ‘Mega Actions’ - calling for actions at the World Economic Forum and the G8 Summit in Tokyo and joint statements by green purchasing promoting organisations – are to be considered.
Inclusion of the other aspects of sustainable purchasing, such as the social aspects, are to be considered for the main activities of the next 5 years.