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Global Activities

Matrix of Global Activities for Green Purchasing
NGOs conducting label operations (alphabetical order)

  • ROC - Environment and Development Foundation   > details
  • GEN - Global Ecolabelling Network   > details
  • JEA - Japan Environmental Association   > details
  • KELA-Korean Environmental Labelling Association   > details
  • MSS - Swedish Environmental Management Council   > details
Organization Information
Type of Organization NGO NGO NGO NGO National organisation
Region Taiwan All Japan Korea Europe (EKU) and All (EPD)
Program Name/
Main Activity
Certification of green products and promotion
of green purchasing
ISO Type I Environmental Labelling Eco Mark Program Eco-label program(TypeI), Environmental Declaraton for Products(TypeIII) Ecologically Sustainable Procurement (EKU) and Environmental Product Declarations (EPD)
Office where the program is managed
Hsinchu,Taiwan Ottawa, Canada
Tokyo, Japan
Tokyo, Japan Seoul, Korea Stockholm, Sweden
Green Purchasing Activities
General Guidelines/
(which apply to all areas 'in general')
Green Purchasing
Guidelines for
Government Agencies
Updated by each member and can be viewed from various websites Follows the ISO 14024 and guidelilnes. Follows the Development of and Support for Environmental Technology Act and ISO 14024, ISO/TR 14025 Follows the European Commission proposal for the 6th Action Programme (which identifies the importance of green purchasing) and ISO/TR 14025 and guidelines from the international EPD network GEDnet for EPD.
88 for type I Eco-Label  
・Criteria for 87 product & 1 service categories
Updated by each member and can be viewed from various websites 45 product categories TypeI: 102 product categories, TypeIII : 23 product categories 11 EKU product categories containing suggested procurement criteria for professional use
Product List/Database 2600 products in 45 categories    Updated by each member and can be viewed from various websites 4935 products in 45 categories TypeI eco-labeled products: 2,150

TypeIII eco- labeled products : 250
Product Category Rules (PCR) database covering appr 70 product categories for EPD
Suppliers List/Database Available in Chinese unavailable http://www.ecomark.jp
(only in Japanese)
unavailable Listed in internet-based and open PCR & EPD databases
Environmental Label (ISO), Other (EnergyStar) ISO Type I Labelling,
Type II Certification,
Energy Star and Green Construction Material Labelling
GEN is a network of Type I Label operators Conduct Label
(Type I Label)
Conduct Label Operations (Type I & III ) EPD and Type III LCA-based declarations
Training Course/Tools (market related) Various material available from http://www.greenmark.
and http://www.greens.org.tw
Introduction to Ecolabelling is available Varios materials in Japanese: In English,
"A guide of Eco Mark" is available at
Eco-design software and LCA software development, green purchasing law Private and public sector training materials
Education Materials/Tools (non-professional) [general purchasers] unavailable Varios materials in

In English, "A guide of Eco Mark" is available at http://www.ecomark.jp/english/tebiki.html
Several presentation material for purchasers The program target groups
in the public and private sector
Events ・GEN International Conference, Taipei,
July 2005
・Green Purchasing seminars and workshops
・Eco-Product Exhibition, 2003
・Establishment of Green Purchasing Network
Annual General Meeting and Workshop Symposium,
Talk shows,
Organize workshops Often participates in seminars and conferences
Research (market)/Surveys (awareness) unavailable Various material available from some members Consumer awareness and reliablity survey, Market Share of Eco Mark Certified Products Cost & Benefit analysis to the eco-labeled products unavailable
Good Practices/Case Studies for purchasing unavailable Updated by each member and can be viewed from various websites unavailable annual purchasing report conducted by public organization unavailable
Newsletter [Green Consumption eNewsletter] Quarterly Eco Mark News(bi-monthly) unavailable A quarterly newsletter with over 150 subscribers
Related Laws/
(i.e. "Green Purchasing Law")
・Government Procurement Law, 1999
・Resource Recycling Act, 2002
unavailable unavailable Act on the Promotion of the Purchase of Environment-friendly Products European Directive 2004/18/EC 31 March 2004
Evaluation Method
Annual evaluation of the performance by government agancies on green procurement not applicable Life Cycle
in setting criteria
Annual evaluation of the performance by Ministry of Environment on green purchasing, release the result to the public via Internet and offical gazette Uses LCA-based, quantified information for environmental performance for products and services
Publications ・[Green Procurement Guidelines(2003)]
・[Green Procurement Software(2002)]
・Buyers’ Guide on Green Product (biannually,
in Chinese only)
Annual Report unavailable Annual guideline for green purchasing for public organization , report on cost and benefit of eco-products Requirements for environmental product declarations, EPD (MSR 199:2) and Managing Environmental Purchasing and Procurement (in Swedish).

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