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Toward sustainable consumption and production, and promotion of global product development

- Founding Proclamation -

The seriousness of global environmental issues has increased in recent years, and development of sustainable socio-economic society is an important common agenda in the international community. In order to realize sustainable development, businesses need to drive the development of environmentally friendly goods and services, while respective bodies such as governmental administrative organizations, NPOs and businesses have to implement activities in an environmentally responsible manner.

Green Purchasing, in which environmentally preferable goods and services are selectively chosen, is an exceptionally effective measure in promoting development of environmentally friendly goods through the marketplace and environmental management, in addition to enhancing consumers' environmental consciousness.

Agenda 21, which was adopted at the 1992 United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED Earth Summit), placed Green Purchasing as an effective tool to shift toward not only reduction of environmental load but also sustainable consumption and production.

In October of last year, "the First International Conference on Green Purchasing" was held in the City of Sendai, where over 1,000 representatives from 37 countries gathered and confirmed the significance of Green Purchasing and internationally common issues in Green Purchasing. In the Sendai Declaration adopted at the Conference, it was confirmed by all relevant persons that an international network would be organized to promote Green Purchasing on a global scale.

Therefore, we will organize the International Green Purchasing Network (IGPN) and promote Green Purchasing around the globe with all stakeholders such as international organizations, businesses, governmental organizations, local authorities and NGOs who take the initiative in implementing Green Purchasing.

IGPN will collect and deliver information on global Green Purchasing activities and the best examples on development of environmentally friendly goods and know-how, purchasing guidelines, product information, research outcomes, and the latest trends while also holding international conferences and workshops for promotion of Green Purchasing around the globe. IGPN will also develop internationally harmonized Green Purchasing principles and product evaluation tools, a product database, training tools and evaluation measurement methods in the future.

IGPN will aim to expand Green Purchasing activities around the world, develop environmentally friendly goods and green the supply chain, contributing to the creation of a sustainable society.

April.25, 2005

Founding Patrons:

  • Hiroshi Kamagata, Ministry of the Environment, Japan.
  • Yoshiaki Nakamura, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Japan.
  • Christopher Browne, Environmental Agency of England and Wales.
  • Augustine Koh, Asian Productivity Organization (APO).
  • Konrad Otto-Zimmermann, ICLEI - Local Governments for Sustainability.
  • Satoshi Mukuta, Nippon Keidanren (Japan Federation of Economic Organizations and Employers' Associations).
  • Hajimu Fujii, Chair, Steering Committee of the 1st International Conference on Green Purchasing in Sendai (Mayor of Sendai).
  • Ryoichi Yamamoto, Chair, International Board of the 1st International Conference on Green Purchasing in Sendai (The University of Tokyo).
  • Hideki Nakahara, Green Purchasing Network (GPN).

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