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IGPN Events

International Green Purchasing Network 2023 Annual Meeting Held for A Growing Community

2023 International Green Purchasing Network (IGPN) Annual Meeting was held visually on December 13th. Participants from national Green Purchasing Networks, IGPN Council and IGPN Advisory Board, invited guests from UNEP, ICLEI-Local Governments for Sustainability, GEN-Global Ecolabelling Network, TCO Development, GIZ Thailand office attended this meeting. The meeting was hosted by the IGPN Secretariat, China Environmental United Certification Center–CEC, supported by the Green Purchasing Network Berhad Malaysia. 

Mr. Chen Yanping, Chair of IGPN, presented his speech in the opening remarks, “green and sustainable production and consumption are still the main course in line with balancing human development, combating environmental risks, and protecting a healthy planet. 2023, IGPN initiated the development of Green Procurement Network measurement methodology, the promising results has been made so far through the coordinating with members and partners led by the Secretariat. I hope all of you exchange progress and experiences, combined the on-going projects and trends of global sustainable public procurement practices, reflect the development of coming years.” Mr. Mark Hidson, vice chair of IGPN, gave his welcome remarks, “In the context of global sustainable development, innovation, cooperation, research and scale up are themes of sustainable public procurement development. I hope IGPN can better utilize its network mode and expert resources, accelerate multi-collaborations, reach consensus on relevant contents to promote sustainable procurement practice”.

During the meeting, Pilot Testing of Measurement methodology for Green Purchasing Networks was formally launched, to verify the applicability and feasibility when measuring the implementation level by using the GPN measurement methodology, which is milestone for the IGPN initiative of Green Purchasing Network measurement methodology development.

In the meantime, Ms. Fabienne Pierre , Programmes & Flagship Initiatives Lead of UNEP One Planet Network Secretariat, presented the flagship initiative on mainstreaming circularity in the construction sector through sustainable public procurement; Ms. Madina Ibrasheva, UNEP GO4SDGs Regional Coordinator for Europe and Central Asia, briefly shared the statue of SPP practices in 5 stan countries of central Asia; Ms. Kate Harris, Secretariat of Global Ecolabelling Network, introduced the latest research for sustainable information impact on SPP; Ms. Kanchanatetee Vasuvat, Regional Coordinator for SCP Outreach of GIZ Thailand, introduced the on-going projects regionally. Additionally, IGPN secretariat, together with representatives from GPN BERHAD Malaysia, GPN Thailand, GPN Singapore, GPN the Philippines, TCO Development, GPN Japan recapped the progress and experiences in 2023 with thinking about the 2024 priorities as well.

Since CEC holds the IGPN Secretariat in 2018, it consistently works on the IGPN operational and members’ collaboration activities. Stated by Mr. LIU Zunwen, CEC general manager, in the summary speech emphasized, “The GPN model could be a useful complement to global sustainable public procurement projects and initiatives “, he also pointed, ”Next, the secretariat will continue engage in practical work including platform construction and technology application, formulate pilot reports and release the methodology, expand membership. In the near future, the GPN measurement methodology will be formed as mechanism to effectively advocate application of green procurement and environmentally friendly products and services .”

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